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About the Studio

Espace MARA is a door to 

M.M.Ciciovan's fascinating artistic universe

MARA is the name of a river that originates in the Gutai Mountains of Romania.

Espace MARA is like this river that is constantly moving, linked in its source, but always evolving towards new horizons.


Espace MARA is first and foremost a place of creation for Montreal based artist M.M.Ciciovan, but also an exhibition space whose mission is to present in premier the artist's new creations and explorations. You will find not only Mrs Ciciovan famous canvases of colourful stelar compositions, but also artworks that are unprecedented by their techniques and mediums. 

Therefore, Espace MARA is more than an artist's studio, an exhibition place and an art gallery. It is a place that celebrates the art and creation of M.M.Ciciovan: 

a door to the artist's fascinating universe.

Since 2020, Espace MARA is an online shop where art lovers from all over the world can buy Mrs Ciciovan's art. The website presents a selections of original artworks, from drawings to sculptures and works on canvas, and we offer free shipping all over the world. 

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to hearing from you!

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