Updated: Jun 28, 2020

WHO ARE WE, the two women behind the new online shop Espace MARA ?

For those who do not know us personally, we would like to take a minute of your time to tell you a little about ourselves.

Espace MARA is first and foremost: Mona Mariana Ciciovan, Montreal based painter of Romanian origins. Since 2017, Espace MARA has been the artist's place of creation; a spacious and lightening studio from where she brings color and beauty day after day! Each year in June, the space is transformed into an exhibition space and allows art lovers and close friends to have exclusive access to the artists’s new art series. Since its creation, the studio has allowed Mona Ciciovan to produce some of her most important series of paintings, including The Joy of Living, Mirage and the upcoming series Parallel Universes. Espace MARA is therefore the artist's creative bubble and her platform to express her unique and colourful vision of the world. Secondly, Espace MARA is me, Roxana, Mona Ciciovan's daughter. Growing up surrounded by my mother’s art, I developed a deep passion for the arts and its management. Like any good millennial, I am passionate about the online world and I decided to give a digital turning point to Espace MARA, by creating the online shop and the social platforms. My mission in this project is to bring Mona Ciciovan’s work accessible to art lovers around the world,. Espace MARA offers a selection of original artworks at attractive prices and free delivery worldwide! Thus, Espace MARA is the combined passion of a mother and her daughter for spreading beauty and color into people's daily lives. We invite you to visit the online shop and discover the available art selection and maybe even find the new artwork that will embellish your space!

Sincerely, Mona & Roxana

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